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If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a business owner who relies on a continual stream of new leads to run your business. Want to know how we can create an instant flow of qualified leads for you? Read on friends!


This is sometimes better known as Cost Per Click (CPC) or SEM, but whatever you want to call it, it’s leads, it’s instant, we turn it on, and there you are. Ranking instantly on Google.

How we get you there is a bit of work, again, like any other Search services we need to look at your website. Does it have the right content we’re trying to target on Google? Is it relevant to what are searching?

This form of marketing is a platform praised by so many of our clients. We get you instantly ranking at the top of a Google search. How long you stay up there will come down to your budget.

Which we can talk about as all industries are different in their competitiveness and the actual cost per keyword will vary.

Building your campaign

So, what we look into to build your campaign is:
• Extensive research across the most effective keyword combinations
• Identify the optimal timing to appear and geographical locations
• Competitor analysis
• Constantly tracking and continually refining the campaigns
• Increasing click throughs to your site while reducing cost per click
Of course we’re all about the ROI, and using your leads to evaluate if your campaign is generating a strong return on your investment.

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