All I Want For Christmas is to Keep Up with the Algorithm.

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All I Want For Christmas is to Keep Up with the Algorithm.



With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, many people are looking forward to a much needed break and for many businesses this means closing up until 2020. But does this mean your business should be taking a break from social media over the holiday period as well?


Kaylie Smith, Facebook’s head of SMB for Australia and New Zealand, said that most people still actively use their social accounts when the holidays arrive, and that means your business should be too.  So with that in mind, here are a few tips and tricks for what you should be doing on your social channels over the festive season!



Having a pre-planned and well constructed social media strategy in place before you head off for the year will ensure that your brand or business remains active and relevant in the digital landscape, while you have a chance to experience new landscapes of your own. Using scheduling tools like Sprout Social or Later gives you the flexibility to pre-plan social media posts and updates, so that you can sit back, relax and continue sipping that Balinese cocktail while you know your posting is taken care of. 


Christmas and New Year are also notorious times for customers to spend money, so if you’re in the e-commerce world, or even have a service that benefits from festive season sales and promotions, make sure you have strategically planned your approach to marketing and sales before you break for December. We’ve got three words for you; New. Year’s. Resolutions. 



If you’re a small business (or even if you’re not!) customers love seeing the face behind the brand that’s been working so hard for them year long. Don’t be afraid to share a more personal touch in your posting over Christmas, and invite your followers into your life for a festive minute. If you’re wrapping up for the year, celebrating a year of growth and success, or just taking a well deserved family holiday with your kids, let your followers know through a nicely constructed post on social media. These types of posts are almost always well received, they are wholesome and completely authentic and another perk- they’re sure to help boost your engagement rate! 


With this being said, even though it’s the ‘silly season’ it is important that your account stays professional. Don’t use your platform to post personal content over Christmas. For example, if you’re a nail tech and start posting photos of your Christmas Ham for lunch, the chances are people will unfollow you as this is not the content that they originally followed you to see. Keep your content professional and on brand and and save the rest for your personal pages, no matter how cute your dog may look in reindeer ears……



The latest Instagram algorithm is about as enjoyable as a lump of coal in your stocking on Christmas Day, and trust us when we say that if you stop all social activity over Christmas and New Year, it will punish you accordingly! 


Instagram will always favour accounts and users who post regularly and engage consistently with followers. Since we lost the chronological order feature on Instagram (may it Rest In Peace) we have to fight to be seen and consistency is the key to this! Furthermore, your customers and clients are still accessing their social media channels over the holidays, with 1 in 3 Australians checking their Instagram more than once a day over the Christmas and New Year period!


While it may be tempting to stop your posting for the 2-3 weeks where no one really knows what time or day of the week it is, chances are if you do, the algorithm will boot you right back to the start and you’ll feel it’s wrath for not sharing ongoing content. Picking up in 2020 will become harder and you’ll basically be starting from scratch! 2020 is big enough without having to climb the IG engagement ranks again… 


According to Strike Social there are also significant spikes in engagement in the weeks before Christmas so we recommend scheduling posts during this period. As users are in holiday mode and spending endless hours a day on their socials, we also recommend posting to social media between the hours of 10am – 3pm once those holidays hit. You can also use your account Insights to identify peak posting times for your individual pages. 


And if none of what we’ve just said has convinced you yet, then think of it like this. Christmas and New Year is an awesome time to GET AHEAD of your competitors online. Not everyone is lucky enough to have our shiny words of wisdom, and many businesses will continue to pause social media activity over the festive break. What does this mean for you? A prime opportunity to thrive in a digital space that is not flooded with competitors! Do we even need to say more? 


With not many days to go till Christmas, there’s no time like the present to set yourself up with a scheduling program like Sprout Social, Schedugram or Later, and PLAN PLAN PLAN. 

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