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Digital Communications

Digital Live Reporting

Digital live reporting, running live posting to platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are a key way to give your brand a personality and a ‘face to the name’. This form of communication is especially vital when creating a community as it gives you a chance to directly address your audience. Broadcast exciting and important events in your social calendar live and save them to be watched and republished again later.


Email marketing still yields the highest success rates across all platforms. Our custom designed e-newsletters are shared monthly to your database and built to highlight the most important content and happenings of your brand. An engaged database is one of the most powerful tools that you have at your disposal and how you communicate with these people is key.


Let our team of experienced creative writers bring to life monthly content to excite and engage your readers. With the annual Yellow Pages Social Media Report highlighting that 68% of social media users read online blogs, a number which is up from 44% in 2017, it’s a platform which is continually growing and we’re here to make sure your business is among it. Tailored monthly blogs also form part of your monthly EDM where they gain exposure and engagement through your database.

Copywriting and
Content Auditing

With each and every new client our team conducts a full content audit across your existing platforms. This step is key as it not only gives us an idea of your previous content strategies and objectives, but also allows us to provide clear recommendations going forward. It also ensures your content across all platforms is audited to be consistent, in line with your brand, and grammatically correct.

‘Let’s eat, grandma’ or ‘let’s eat grandma’.
Grammar is IMPORTANT.

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