According to Erik Qualman, businesses that fail to adapt to social media are not likely to exist in the next five years.

It’s the harsh reality.

There are businesses closing down every day both in our city and across the country.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

What you will find is that most of the businesses that are currently struggling financially have no presence online, or no online strategy.

No Facebook page, no Instagram or Pinterest or Yelp listing. Heck, some of them don’t even have a website.

This is the equivalent of buying a great new car, never filling it up with fuel and then expecting it to go.

Savvy business owners in 2016 and beyond need to develop habits that are going to allow their businesses to flourish well into the digital revolution.

One: Create a website and regularly update it

There is no excuse not to have a website nowadays.

Whether it’s a flashy website designed by a web developer, or a WordPress site you’ve put together yourself (although this is not advised), everyone needs a website.

Just because you have a Facebook, you do not get out of having a website. Facebook constantly changes their algorithm and it is becoming harder and harder to reach your followers.

Having your own website means that you have your own place to exist.

You can also use it to post blogs, post specials and collect emails for your newsletter.

Use a website to your advantage to drive business to your physical store

Two: Stop, collaborate and listen

You should always be looking for ways to collaborate and develop partnerships on social media.

Look at bloggers or social media influencers in your niche and see if they are happy to work with you to create social proof.

People are probably tagging your business every day, but you are being left out of the conversation.

You have the unique ability through social media to have a conversation with your customers.

Three: Blog at least once per month

Content marketing and SEO is everything that your business needs going forward.

When your customer types in, “Where can I get in ”, you want to be there!

There are plenty of people that can help you blog, and you don’t need to do it yourself, but it needs to be a priority of every business owner.

It is also a great way to position yourself as the expert in your industry.

Four: Constantly be learning about new platforms

Most business owners having caught up with Facebook and Instagram, but there are some leaders that have already become leaders in Periscope.

One of your jobs as a business owner is to keep updated, or make sure that you have someone on your team that is tasked with keeping up to date.

Follow social media influencers to see what they are doing and the tools they are using.

You want to be an early adopter, not a late bloomer.

Five: Check your stats and analytics

Social media is a treasure trove of data for business owners.

If you know what you are doing, you can find your exact demographics and the people that are engaging with your content the most.

This is really important and can impact your decisions as a business owner.

Understanding the back end of Google Analytics or social media analytics tools can make all the difference to your business.

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