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Instagram has rolled out a suite of business tools for business users to take on board as part of their advertising efforts. Features will include analytics tools similar to those available on Facebook Insights, plus a streamlined process for creating advertising, with the option to use new content or to turn previous posts into clickable ads. These new additions to the Instagram experience further cements its place in advertising and promotion for businesses large and small, and improves the efficiency and simplicity in observing and reporting on trends within the Instagram sphere.


Perhaps the best part of this new suite of Instagram features is the way it enables business owners to integrate their Instagram activities and advertising, whilst also having analytics tools within easy reach. The layout and access to such insights strike the balance well between comprehensiveness and simplicity, making the business tools appropriate for business owners with varying experience in marketing analytics. Three main areas of data available are account insights, ad insights and ad staging.

Also beneficial of the Instagram business profile is the way it fits seamlessly into the appearance of the Instagram profile that has already been set up. A “contact” button comes up next to the normal “follow” button, allowing users to obtain email information and directions for your organisation, and a clean business category and description is included as part of the bio section. This seamless integration retains the familiar Instagram style, however, provides a more rounded description of your business and points of contact to increase user engagement.

Targeting is another feature of Instagram for Business. Much like targeting on Facebook, these new tools allow you to select your target audience when choosing a post to boost. It is crucial to ensure that the target audience selected for boosted posts is relevant to the content being published, and will be likely to engage with it. Prompting likes, comments and shares of these paid campaign posts can be achieved with the use of original content which is interesting, humorous or otherwise engaging for the target.

Why businesses should make the switch

Beyond the benefits listed above, the appeal for businesses to this set of tools is the ability to consolidate Instagram posts, advertising and analytics. Being able to understand the effectiveness of published content in making an impact with audiences is very important in unlocking the potential of any business as it tries to increase brand awareness through creative content-driven Instagram campaigns.

Also, the inherent complexity and technical know-how of social media advertising in days gone by have been mostly eliminated with the introduction of these tools. Now that Instagram has introduced their own features of this nature, businesses with active accounts can take advantage of them with a view to enhancing brand awareness, equity and engagement.

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