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Adwords Management Perth

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a business owner who relies on a continual stream of new leads to run your business. Want to know how we can create an instant flow of qualified leads for you? Read on friends!

Google, as we know it, is a pretty powerful search engine. Some might even think it’s the only search engine to use! News flash: it’s not, but they want you to think it is. We use the term “Google it” constantly as a result of their clever marketing strategy. A large majority of people use the search engine daily, to get directions, recipes, the news, but more importantly, looking for businesses just like yours.

Adwords Management Drives Results

For any business with a digital strategy, the ultimate goal is to appear on the top searches of their field on page one of Google. You may know this as Google Adwords, pay per click, SEM, or even simply Google ads. Whichever way you say it, this will have you right where your potential clients will be looking. So what do you search for? A Perth based AdWords management agency, or close enough, right?

We are expert Google Adwords managers, here at Red Lips Media. We work with you to create your business a strategic and effective Adwords campaign that has you appearing on the top of any relevant Google searches. Our strategic Adwords Management and optimised AdWords campaigns will help your ads work harder for you.

How Does Red Lips Media Stand Out?

Now, there are many who claim to be Perth’s premier AdWords agency or claim to be one of the standout AdWords agencies in Perth, but what makes us different is we put all that aside, and just show you. We put your business first, we care and we do what’s right for you the client and there is nothing we can’t help you with being a full digital marketing agency. Our dedicated Account Managers work closely with you to make sure your Google Adwords Management works as hard as it can. It’s more than just setting up a new Adwords account, it’s looking at your business, all your services and offerings, and making a plan together. Ads management is just one element of how we get you there.

What Red Lips Media Brings to the TableGoogle Adwords is a pretty powerful source of leads for any business, but making sure you receive the best result from your campaign is our ultimate goal. The management we offer will deliver and see your cost per click decrease and your ads appearing longer.

So, what we look into to build your campaign is:
• Extensive research across the most effective keyword combinations
• Identify the optimal timing to appear and geographical locations
• Competitor analysis
• Constantly tracking and continually refining the campaigns
• Increasing click throughs to your site while reducing cost per click

Of course we’re all about the ROI, and using your leads to evaluate if your campaign is generating a strong return on your investment.

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