There are so many elements to consider when you are trying to create an online presence for your brand. Decisions about functionality, look and feel and content can seem overwhelming when you don’t know what to expect!

We asked owner Clair to share her experience building a website for Grape and Grain, a wine distribution business.

Q1: Clair, what is Grape & Grain? And what makes you different to others?

G&G is our fourth child! Only 12 months prior to launch I remember saying to Matt ‘I never want my own business’. Then it all fell into place and it felt right! We had finished having kids; finished renovating our house and G&G was a new, unplanned chapter.

As a distributor you can pick and choose who you want to represent. We approached many of our producers, not the other way around, so from the beginning we had an amazing, hand picked portfolio. It was always about quality, not quantity for Grape and Grain.

In terms of our vision, we decided to really focus on natural, organic, vegan wines and beer, which the trade has really responded to. One of the features on our website that we felt was really important was the ability to filter by Style. These Styles being; Certified Organic, Organic, Vegan, Natural, Gluten Free and No Added, which refers to No added preservatives or additives.

Q2: What did you want people to feel when they first landed on your website?

We wanted our website to reflect the quality of our portfolio.Class, natural beauty and quality!

Q3: There’s a very strong creative and photographic element to the site. Is there a spin off from wines into photography in the future???

Our focus on the visual comes from Matt’s background in photography. His passion for photography preceded his passion for wine. Matt completed a Bachelor of Arts in Photo Media under the watchful eye of Max Pam at ECU Mt Lawley.

Q4: What was your favourite part about building the website?

Definitely the visual aspects, because we got to see our vision become a reality!

As amazing as it was the watch it come to life, we always kept in mind that the most important detail of our site was the functionality. The main three aspects behind creating a functional site being, the ability to download tasting notes, the ability to explore our portfolio in detail, and the ability to place an order.We didn’t see the point of just having a pretty website that wasn’t user friendly. We wanted a useful website, not just a ‘show pony’.

Q5: What’s one thing that you never knew about building a website?

I never knew the difference between a designer and a developer.I went in blind, not knowing the process or who plays what role.

Q6: If you could give one piece of advice to business owners about building a website what would it be?

There are so many things to think about when you start the process of building a website. I would advise other business owners to get online and explore! This way you can see what you like and don’t like. It’s important to put yourselves in the shoes of a user to understand the experience you are trying to create. Have a clear vision and map it out! I think the best way to do this is to get some liquid chalk and a big window- it’s better than a whiteboard!

Like Clair, our favourite part of a website build is watching a vision become a reality! Whilst it can seem like a like a formidable task, developing a clear direction for your brand and its digital presence is crucial. Clair wanted Grape and Grain to reflect the class, natural beauty and quality of their products.Want to see the end result? Check out Grape and Grain here!

We are proud to have worked collaboratively on such a great website to deliver a quality product that fulfilled Clair’s requirements!

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