Lobster Shack

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Located off the coast of Cervantes, the family owned and run Lobster Shack has been serving up fresh lobster since the early 2000’s, with their own processing facility producing premium-grade seafood for buyers around the world. The business extended into a tourism operation shortly after, creating the “Lobster Shack” and providing sought-after factory and sea lion tours to the public.

What we've done

In 2020, Lobster Shack sought the assistance of RLM to help lead their Digital Marketing Strategy. Being a multi-level business in Lobster Production and also a tourist destination operating in a competitive local industry, the company needed to increase website traffic, online brand awareness, and foot traffic in their restaurant and tours. All aspects of our services are put to use in helping Lobster Shack achieve their goals. 


Lobster Shack continues to experience success with the support of RLM, whether it be in the restaurant or on the water. We have helped Lobster Shack become a bucket list destination through the curation of a consistent brand image across their website and socials that is fun, personal and engaging.

— $8,000 in revenue was generated from the RAC Cervantes and Lobster Shack Marketing Collaboration on Sea Lion Tour Promotion in 2021

— Over 130 people were on board the Lobster Shack Sea Lion Tour over the month of January 2022.

— 1,100 meals per day were served over the Easter Long Weekend, no doubt due to the marketing of Lobster Shack’s long weekend offerings achieved through email marketing, frequent social media posts and entertaining Instagram reels appealing to families and travellers.

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