“R U OK?” A Question Important Everyday

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“R U OK?” A Question Important Everyday

Today, September 10, marks R U OK? Day across Australia. 

Since 2009, this event has encouraged fellow Aussies to take a moment to look at those around them and recognise someone in need of support.

This year has brought us unprecedented experiences, hardships faced from the Australian bushfires and challenging periods of isolation, 2020 has been particularly tough on everyone. Now more so than ever, is it important to stay connected with those around us. 

R U OK? Day is not just about asking the question. It’s about asking the question, being a willing listener, encouraging real action and checking in at a later date to remind someone that you are still here to talk. 

Ultimately that conversation, however simple, could change or even save a life.

We asked our Red Lips Media team, “What does the question ‘R U OK?’ mean to you?”. Here’s what we had to say: 

“Having a family is one thing, then add managing a business on top… Let’s just say stress is an understatement. Finding that balance of being a parent and business woman can be overwhelming, but having the support from loved ones provides me an open outlet to talk about my struggles.” 

– Jessica Roberts 


“Often taking that time to have those meaningful conversations is delayed when we are swept up in everyday life. But I know firsthand the difference being asked this simple question can make.” 

– Jess Raschilla


“Between juggling full-time work and maintaining relationships, I tend to neglect my own well-being. Guilty of this myself, remember to ask yourself if you’re okay! Take that moment to recognise the importance of your own mental health. Are YOU okay?” 

– Roya Abshar

“Moving from regional WA to the city has been one of the best experiences, but also the most challenging. It takes a toll living far away from my family; worrying about them never turns off. Through this I’ve learnt the importance of having a support system to lend on, pulling me up from my lows.” 

– Rose Dempster 


“For somebody who’s balancing the last semester of their degree alongside working two jobs, the question ‘R U OK?’ gives me the opportunity to unbottle some of my stress and take a moment to focus on my own mental health.”

– Sophie Hamdorf 


You can make a difference in someone’s life. Just by taking that step in asking, you are opening a pathway to the right support. 

If you, or anyone you know, is in need of support, please reach out. There are a number of different organisations to contact. 

  • Lifeline (13 11 14) 
  • Beyondblue (1300 22 4636) 
  • Headspace (1800 650 890) 
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