RLM Builds Successful Brands

//RLM Builds Successful Brands

RLM Builds Successful Brands

Welcome to 2018, where the overcrowded market will only present your business with stronger competition this year and you will find yourself with an increased need to make your brand stand out in ways it never has before.


RLM can bring you unique success through our simple yet effective marketing building steps, just as we have for our new look client, luxury home builders Domination Homes.

Following our key building steps can allow your brand to reach new heights in 2018 and increase your opportunities for success and awareness.


Brand Relevance.

Remaining relevant and contemporary is a massive must when creating any type of brand image. Ensure your business is always following current social trends, and always aim to be at the frontier of these trends. Recently, we took a logo in need a of refresh, something which would align with the future of the company, for client Domination Homes, and turned it into a contemporary expression of the history and innovation from which the company is built on. Having stood the test of time from conception until now, the old logo was redesigned into a modern style, perfect to carry the company into its future success. In any logo design simplicity is key. Ensure each aspect of the design reflects the brand and will create a powerful first impression in people’s minds.

See below the original logo.


And the new and improved logo.




Consistency is key when branding, making sure to always follow a clear aesthetic direction. Utilise a brand style guide to consistently create on-target content and ensure a uniformity, as this will give your brand a professional and polished feel in the eyes of the consumers.

RLM’s team of photographers, graphic designers, and creatives collaborated to remodel the Domination Homes brand into an example of elegance and style within the luxury home building market, setting them a cut above the rest. A consistent aesthetic across all platforms; the website, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Pinterest, now indicates to potential clients that Domination Homes put thought into every element of their business and are ready to build your dream home, with consistency each step of the way.



Powerful Content

Utilising the platforms which best suit your business allows you to attract the right audience. It’s also important to change up the content based on which platforms you are using, always keeping your audience in mind, and aligning content with the overall ideals and message of the business.

For client Domination Homes we performed a total recreation of all platforms, both traditional and online. A complete redesign of the logo led to new brochures and informational packets. Multimedia platforms saw the creation of i-motion short films and testimonial pieces with targeted video content used to better generate social media leads. A website redesign features updated written blogs, and professional photography and videography is used to update Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages. And this is only the beginning, with 2018 seeing stylised car wraps, strategic online content and more.


Let Others Brag for You!

The greatest form of promotion doesn’t come from yourself, it comes from satisfied clients. Maintain communication through every step of any process you undertake, whether it be building a luxury home, organising a beautiful wedding or serving up a delicious lunch along the WA coast. Word of mouth and recommendations are a free tool available to any business who are servicing their consumers professionally and successfully.

Our clients have seen the value in this and are using video testimonials for themselves!


Word of mouth is the most powerful tool out there. It’s something we strongly believe in at RLM. Just click the link below to let our testimonials speak for themselves.


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