You may have heard the term ‘SEO’ tossed around in a sentence with ‘Google’ a few times. When we say ‘SEO’, we refer to Search Engine Optimisation. So as marketers, we look towards increasing the visibility of a Website or brand’s presence in an online search. There’s good reason for this too!
“The harsh truth is that if you’re not on the first page, you might as well not be there at all!”

Research indicates that a ridiculous 92% of all traffic in a Google search is focused on the first page of results, with just 4.8% making it to page 2, whilst the very 3 top results account for 60% of all clicks. These are statistics of course, but you can probably relate to them yourself; when do you actually go past the first page of results? It’s probably not very often. So the harsh truth is that if you’re not on that first page, you might as well not be there at all!
“Effective SEO requires a bit of guesswork!”

Website rankings are achieved through complex mathematical equations (algorithms – there’s another one of those words). These algorithms aren’t public knowledge so effective SEO requires a bit of guesswork! If you’re in a competitive industry, it might be beneficial to choose less generic key words, so for a simple example; if you’re a local plumbing business, you’ve got a lot more potential with ‘plumbing in Perth’ than just ‘plumbing’. Less people will search for the former, but there’s more chance of your result being on the first page, and being relevant to their search. Also try to use alternative terms, and generally try to keep things as distinct as possible whilst ensuring relevancy!

Written by Joel Garic

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