There’s no longer any denying Social Media is here to stay, and most business owners can see the benefit of increasing brand awareness via this powerful, modern word-of-the-mouth phenomena.
“With 92% of business owners recently indicating that social media is important to their business, up from 86% in 2013” – Forbes

But just having a Facebook page and occasionally posting on it is not enough in 2014 and beyond. To have the social edge, your business must engage, integrate and follow the 3 R’s of posting. You also need to choose which social platforms will best suit your demographic.


Ask your customers questions! That’s what they’re there for, to be heard. This serves your brand two-fold. Firstly you will find out more about people’s expectations and experience with your company. This valuable feedback could be the information you need to get the edge on your competitors. The second advantage you will receive is increased reach of your content, due to Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm, Edgerank.


Your social presence needs to reflect your true business existence. There’s no point portraying a different style and tone online as it will not resonate with your existing customers and set any future ones up for confusion when they see all is not as it seemed.

You also need to make sure your messages are consistent across your social platforms, website and offline to maximize your impact.

The 3 R’s of Posting – Relevant, Recent & Real

Don’t forget Carma’s three R’s of social media posting!

Your posting should be relevant to either your brand, your target demographic or current news. Keep it recent! If you want to share an article or other content it shouldn’t be too old. The exception to this is sharing a ‘throwback’ type post OR a piececonsidered to be the authority on a given subject. It should also be real – an actual reflection of your business’ essence, tone and brand’s personality.

Choosing your platforms

Each social media platform has it’s own characteristics and resonate with different demographics. It’s better to choose a one or a couple of platforms which suit your brand demographic and invest in doing them well, than have a profile on every social media platform just to have a presence.
SO…what now?

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