The best 10 tips for social media use!

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The best 10 tips for social media use!

Tip #1: Be consistent

Plan what you are going to post, when you are going to post (ideally a few times per week) and stick to it.

This way there will be no double ups and you can plan ahead to promote sales or events etc. Be consistent with your brand as well. Create a style guide to include fonts, colour palettes and language and try not to stray from this in your posting.

Tip #2: Use social platforms that are best suited to your business

Perhaps don’t start an Instagram page if your business isn’t selling a visual product. Assess what the best platforms to talk about your business on are and focus on them. This way you will be attracting the right audience and enhancing your brand rather than confusing it.

Tip #3: Create different content for different platforms

It’s important to keep each platform interesting. Maintaining different platforms does not mean posting the same content on each (i.e. aesthetically pleasing photos for Instagram, videos and memes on Facebook and articles on LinkedIn).

Tip #4: Make sure that your content aligns with your businesses message

Branding isn’t just about a logo. Everything that your business puts out into the world that promotes itself should fit in with your brand identity and promote your product.

Tip #5: Encourage feedback

This will add value and authenticate your business. You will not always get good reviews but a bad review will be an opportunity to improve. DO NOT delete bad reviews! Reacting to a bad review in a professional manner will show people that you are customer focused.

Tip #6: Use analytics

There are many tools to analyse your social media campaign successes and failures. A great tool to use is Google Analytics; it is free and shows in real time how people are talking about your site on social networks. Track these results month to month to compare and improve.

Tip #7: Build a relationship with your audience

Don’t just speak at your audience. Social media is a two-way street. Engage with your follows by replying to comments or asking them questions. This will help create a stronger relationship with your audience and lead to a sense of loyalty to your brand if they feel that they are a part of it.

Tip #8: Build businesses alignments

Find businesses that compliment yours and build a relationship with them. Reach out over social media by following them and commenting on content. This can lead to potential collaborations or even just recommendations from them for your business to others.

Tip #9: Grammar matters

Even the smallest typo can distract an audience from your desired message. Check and double check all grammar. It’s a good idea to install grammar checking apps such as Grammarly for another pair of eyes.

Tip #10: Advertise on Social Media

Speed things up and target your chosen demographic with paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Through this, you’re also able to track results and run split tests to see who respond better to certain topics or phrases.

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