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To get any semblance of cut-through on Facebook, it is fundamentally essential to create some killer Facebook ads. Facebook is a business.

They make money by amplifying your message to your audience. And boy have they got that figured out. A few years ago, a business could spend $80 on Facebook ads and be seen by thousands of their potential customers.

Today, not so much. We advise that our clients spend anywhere from $250 to $1000 per month on Facebook ads. It is important, however, that when you are spending this money, you spend it correctly. Here are our top tips for an effective Facebook ad.

1) Use video

Facebook is obsessed with video.

In fact, by 2018, most of what we see when we log on to the internet will be video. There are a few ways of getting around this. You could create a slideshow of photos or you could take a quick video of yourself describing what’s going on in store.

To truly maximise the potential, do Facebook Live and turn that in to a video.

You will find yourself paying next to nothing for conversions.

2) Drive back to the website In most of our Facebook advertising, we are driving people back to some page on the client’s website.

Most people are comfortable with a boosted post because it is tangible and they like to see engagement on their page. Facebook is much, much more powerful than this. Drive different ads back to different parts of your website depending on where they will convert better. You will be paying a couple of cents to a couple of dollars to get some good leads.

3) Get your targeting right Too small and you will restrict your sales, too large and you will be amplifying your message to the wrong people. Try and get the audience to a size you are happy with, aiming to reach 900-1500 people per day (depending on your budget).

If you are using Facebook ads manager, all of this information will be on the right hand column as you are setting up your targeting.

Do a bit of research and expand your idea of targeting. You can choose newly engaged people, people with a high net value or parents of toddlers. Experiment and see what works well for you.

If you want to learn more about setting up your own Facebook ads, you can get information about our next ads course by emailing “Help! I need to set up Facebook ads” to

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