In 2016, every business is required to have a social media presence if they have any hope of surviving.

But because of all of the other things that business owners have on their to-do list, this task is often relegated to a personal assistant or to a secretary.

Whilst this person might be extremely savvy in their personal Facebook posting (i.e. they are always updating their status to reflect their changing moods), they might not be the best person to a) capture the voice of your organisation b) navigate the backend of Business Manager and c) understand the ins and outs of marketing.

This can derail your business Facebook page and can sometimes work against you.

Here are five mistakes that businesses are making on Facebook:

1) Failing to upload a visual

Lots of business owners make the mistake of just posting a paragraph of sales copy as their status update. Can we just like… stop this? Every post you do should include a photo, video or a link to a blog or news article. You need to create content rich posts that will maximise engagement. Have you ever seen a massive chunk of text from a business page show up in your newsfeed? They’re probably rare on your newsfeed, which is exactly the point. You will not be getting in front of your audience if you do not optimise your content.

2) Lack of consistency

Ghosting on social media is really serious issue that affects business pages. In real life, you have been “ghosted” when you are talking to someone of the opposite sex and then all of a sudden they just stop contacting you back. In the social media world, ghosting happens when a company goes on a social media rampage and then falls off the radar and completely stops posting. You must remember that because of the rapid pace of social media, one week is more like one year.

3) Being boring or predictable

If you ate the same food for months on end, you would get pretty sick of it after a while. If you Facebook and Instagram followers are seeing the same thing from you day in, day out, they will get bored and they will unfollow you. End of story. Mix up your content and make sure you are actively going out and searching for new content. Throw in a video, add in a blog post, show love for one of your customers, put your employees on for show – make sure you vary it and make it interesting.

4) Not understanding the rules behind Facebook

Did you know that you’re not actually allowed to ask people to like or share your page in order to win a competition? Most people don’t know the Facebook guidelines and they just do what everyone else does. This is a serious business and you could have your account shut down if you breach Facebook’s guidelines. You don’t want to waste time building a community, just to have it shutdown. Facebook also has some amazing tools for business owners, but if you aren’t using them, you are leaving money on the table.

5) Sharing the same content across all social media

The difference between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and any other social platform is vast. If you don’t optimise your content for each of those platforms, you will look silly. Facebook is perfect to show off your blogs, whilst Instagram is great for candid snaps and Snapchat is great for live video. You must understand all of these platforms to achieve the best for your business.

This is just scraping the surface of social media. This is a full-time gig, but the potential for your business is exponential.

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