Sometimes, just sometimes, you can undervalue to power of a single task, project or the ability to come together as a team. Businesses, like people, come in all shapes and sizes and what strategy might fit one, completely doesn’t work for another. It’s sometimes in those moments of being flat out with deadlines that you take moment to realize how good some team successes are. Rather than re-writing my theory on teamwork and inspirational quotes, I thought I’d share an email I wrote to the team.

I have removed the client names as I feel it has no bearing on the moral of the story.

Dear Team,

Margs and I made it back [from a client launch function] tonight safely. I was a bit worried when she took me on a “wolf creek” eerie lonely road I thought OMG this is how it all ends!

Anyway I can’t go to bed till I write this.

This project was such a big ask of our entire team, mainly due to the fact it was such a tight deadline.

It’s important you realize what we achieved in just over one week.

1. We set up key communication messages for an entire project.

2. We made sense of a non-existent style guide and gave it life it truly needed.

3. Carma you set up the page and ad budget carefully and were very strategic and instrumental in understanding the demographics we based so much of our media around. Your research was crucial. An understanding of the consumers in the region essential. Well done, keep smashing their expectations.

4. Alana you worked really damn hard on that brief to Chloe the entire website was designed in ONE day! One day! You should be proud of that alone, not many people could claim that turnaround and to the clients 100% satisfaction on first round! The client high fived me in front of everyone he was so happy. Well done.

5. Margaret…. I annoyed you in the beginning no doubt with 100 tasks logged for this project and you joked about being a PA. As a new member of the team, I know there was pressure to work fast and use initiative to embed yourself as a great Account Manager. I think tonight you shined and realized your more than a PA!!!!!!

Ladies, when I stood across the road assessing the client launch night, the client said he was impressed Margaret was strategic in her thinking to help him. Your account management of this project has come in leaps and bounds. Keep smashing client expectations and they won’t be able live without you!

I know I speak on behalf of Jess and I when I congratulate every single one of you for bringing together such a big project in such little time. It’s a benchmark to think about all our clients and what we can do together as a team to smash it, smash it, smash it!!!

All of you deserve recognition on this project and it wouldn’t have happened without team approach. Well done girls.

Whilst I did write this after a very long day and was tempted to change some choice of words, grammar or commentary, it wouldn’t be a reflection of reality. We don’t talk in business memes to each other or use our academic textbook theory to analyze situations. It is real because it happened and it happens daily in the life of our marketing team with tight deadlines, various types of clients, and sometimes we don’t stop and reflect on how it all comes together. These sort of raw emails uncover overall messages about the relationship of the team and the way our team works. We keep it real, even in chaos!

I’ll be quick to point out, we never recommend rushing a website, or leaving yourself little time to pull together a campaign. However, in business, sometimes it is do or die! There can be greater pressures on the business if a project doesn’t launch by a certain date, which can have a domino effect on the rest of the areas of the business and be detrimental to its success. If you don’t understand that, you’re in the wrong business of helping businesses!

There are moments when you have to dive into it and make it happen. It helps when you are inspired by the team and handling of tough situations. When I think of that project we completed on such tight deadline, I always relate it to our team being in one of those grueling ‘tough mudder’ mud flinging obstacle courses. There are moments when you might feel like you cant get over the high ropes section, through the swamps and you might want to ‘throw the toys out of the pram’ (Margaret will love my intentional diversion with an analogy). However, when you cross the finish line all battered and worn out and you look at each other, and hug and get emotional in the excitement that you simply made it is the best feeling in the world. There’s no doubt in my mind that a client see’s this, feels it and forms a bond with your team that is more precious that the task in most cases. When you’re in the ‘tough mudder’ with your clients they are also at the finish line to celebrate the completion. That’s a true measure of teamwork. It’s also about taking your clients expectations and smashing them over and above! We love that word so much we turned it into a team core value – SMASH IT!

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