When Digital Marketing Met Custom Signage

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When Digital Marketing Met Custom Signage



No matter who you are, where you live or what job you’re in, we are all undeniably impacted by the current COVID-19 crisis, and that goes for businesses large and small too. 


That’s why we are proudly teaming up with our friends at Go Graphics, custom sign makers in Freo, to offer our combined marketing and signage services to businesses in our community.


As a fellow Freo local, we witnessed firsthand the immediate impacts which government regulated shutdowns and restrictions have put on our community, and the wider Perth community. We walked the eerily empty streets and saw the closed signs in the windows as businesses prepared to weather an ambiguous and unprecedented storm. 


As businesses navigate new processes and ways of sustaining income, shifting the way they deliver goods and services to an online or home based market, the need to be online has become more prominent than ever. An online presence doesn’t happen overnight, and many business owners are becoming increasingly aware of the time, effort and investment that is required for online platforms to succeed and generate a successful return. If this is you, and you’re struggling to find your feet when it comes to social media, you’ve come to the right place! 


Red Lips Media are experts in the field, offering our full scope of digital marketing services, which we can tailor to your budget, goals and required objectives. From daily social media management and posting, paid online advertising, to a full social and brand style guide, your social media is our game! Not to mention we can pair this with a range of service offerings from SEO and SEM, website design and management, copywriting, email communications, blog writing, and the ever popular strategy and Business Discovery Sessions, helping you to identify and structure your key marketing strategies in alignment with your business goals. 



It’s no secret that the whole world is online currently, and that means your CUSTOMER is online too! As we all implement social distancing and self-isolation practices, more people are home-bound, with more time to scroll and engage with your content. The time is now to ensure you’re being seen for all the right reasons! 


And when it comes to being seen, there’s no one better to assist than our pals, Go Graphics. Brand presence doesn’t start and end online. If you’re investing in online marketing strategies, you need to ensure what your customers are seeing in real life is aligning with the message and perception you’re portraying online. Marrying these two concepts is one quick and surefire way to guarantee consumer trust. 


Picture this: you find an awesome gardener on Instagram, with unrivalled content and imagery, a great response rate and hundreds of great reviews. You hire them on the basis of their digital presence, but when they arrive they pull up in a car with old and fading car graphics. They hand you a business card, it’s flimsy, faded and has an old phone number crossed out. Your perception of the brand from your online experience has fallen short in real life, and it could have so easily been avoided through a small investment in some high quality signage and printing! 


Time and time again, Go Graphics have wowed us with their creative designs, quality production and installation standards, and their can-do attitude, with the motto ‘if you can dream it, we can create it’. 



Many businesses are still lucky enough to be able to trade during this time, whether it be via online orders, take away food and drinks or even with added delivery services. Whichever the case may be, your customers need to be aware of your COVID-19 processes and tailored service offerings. If you’re making additional deliveries or house calls, imagine how many more thousands of potential customers you could get in front of everyday just while you’re driving. A car or vehicle decal or wrap doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant, but it can certainly make a huge difference in getting you noticed. 


A-frames, pull up banners, floor decals and window decals can all help you clearly communicate to your in store customers. Whether it’s special offers, take away processes, health and safety rules and requirements or more, these are all cost effective solutions that will help your business emerge as a communication leader during the crisis. After all, it’s how you shape and adapt in the face of adversity that will define your success – or your downfall. 


COVID-19 doesn’t need to be a period of loss, it just means we need to work harder to put ourselves out there! Through solutions from Red Lips Media and Go Graphics, we are confident we can find that sweet spot that we have for so many businesses before you, that will make you say ‘I’ll have what they’re having!”


If you’d like to get in touch to chat about your COVID-19 plan and marketing goals, give us a call on 08 6142 7911 or email us at hello@redlipsmedia.com.au


We’ll work in collaboration with Go Graphics to ensure your solution is totally COVID-19 budget friendly, and delivered to the highest quality always. Give us a go. We’d love to help!

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