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Have you often looked at your Facebook newsfeed and wondered about why you are seeing the ads that appear? They can often seem completely irrelevant to you. Is this bad targeting by marketers? Because your friends like these pages? Because of your job, interests or location? The answer is all of these reasons – and more! But what can you do about it?


Well, Facebook has listened! All you need to do is follow these simple steps to find out what “things” Facebook thinks you are interested in and why it is serving you up all those seemingly random paid posts.

NOTE: This will NOT make you see LESS ads. This exercise will merely help Facebook try to show you ones you might actually be interested in. Afterall it is a free platform and you know the old saying “If you’re not paying for the product you ARE the product”

Follow these 5 steps to unlock the mystery of Facebook paid targeting – it will take a bit of time but it’s super easy! And your newsfeed will stop showing you ads for dieting and online dating (unless you’re into that – we don’t judge)

It’s easy – we’ll get you started:

1) Find a Sponsored Post. They were everywhere, now you want to find one we guarantee you’ll have to go looking!

2) Click the top right arrow

3) This opens a dropdown – select “Why am I seeing this” (pretty apt description)

4) Go to “Manage Ad Preferences”

5) Select away! Delete all the things you are not interested in that have collected there. This may take some time…

But how did these things even get here?

We saw some strange things in our lists! Best we can tell they are from a few sources:

Regardless of how they ended up there – you can manage these selections and make sure that, since you have to see ads in your newsfeed, at least they could be about things you like!

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