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Stop what you are doing, right now.

I mean it – this is huge.

If you didn’t already know, Facebook live is the next big thing that Facebook has rolled out and is now being used by people around the world.

At the moment, it’s being boosted within Facebook’s algorithm and it’s giving people good engagement and reach – better than they’ve had before.

We have the results of our little Facebook live experiment and we are pleased to say that it is everything you need to do in your business right now.

On our Red Lips Media Facebook page, we have experimented with different timings and video lengths and we are happy with what we’ve seen.

Our Friday afternoon broadcast on the benefits of using video on Facebook went swimmingly. It had more than 1500 reach and a lot of reactions. There were a total of 600 views and that number is growing.

In terms of unpaid reach and engagement that is pretty special.

Our Tuesday morning broadcast was slightly less successful. It reached just over 500 people and has been viewed by just over 160 people.

One thing that was particularly interesting is that the first video is off-the-cup, a little sloppy and with shoddy lighting reached more people than the other.

The second video that was filmed much better and that I looked much better in, didn’t actually hit it as hard.

The video that was messy and unplanned actually did better.

This could be the timings, it could be the authenticity or it could just be something in the Facebook algorithm, but I think what it proves is that you shouldn’t wait for the perfect moment to do anything.


Here are three examples of what you could broadcast on your first Live video, and if you need anymore courage just hit us up and we’ll give you some more tips!

1) In the moment

If you have a physical business and there is always exciting things happening, jump on in the moment to show people what’s happening on a day-to-day basis.

People love seeing what’s happening behind the scenes, and giving them a sneak peak will pay off in spades.

For example, if you own a hairdressing salon you can do a live video of someone getting a sexy blowout or a gorgeous up-do and have the hairdresser walk through to the steps as a sort of “how to” video.

2) Speak to camera

When you are doing a sales push, but you want to do something a little different, you should consider a Facebook live broadcast.

We meet with so many business owners that speak so passionately about the things they are selling, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to translate as well in written text.

Get on a video and talk directly to people – then watch them start to listen.

3) Special events

The next time you have a seminar or perhaps a special kids school holiday event, capture it on Facebook live!

This is a great way to show people the emotions of what it’s actually like to be there in the moment.

You’ll find that this is a great way to attract people to these special events.

For more information on how to use Facebook live and how to create ads using your videos, email hello@redlipsmedia.com.au

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