Why is Social Media Important for your Brand?

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Why is Social Media Important for your Brand?

One of the most critical aspects of digital marketing is social media. If you’re not sure about how to go about making social media work for your business, it’s easy to engage a Social Media Management team. At Red Lips Media, each of our clients have a social media strategy designed and executed by us. We work alongside the staff and business owners to create content that looks and feels organic while remaining on-brand. We strategically use our Insta-know-how to reach a broader audience to grow the clients’ customer base continually.

The social space can help your business reach millions of potential customers worldwide. If your company isn’t utilising social media, you’ll be missing out on one of the most significant marketing opportunities. And if you’re thinking about waiting for the ‘social media craze’ to pass, we’re here to tell you… it’s not going anywhere.

Take a look at your brands target demographic analytics (we can do this for you!). This is the place to find out where your customers are already most active. You can create accounts to be present on all platforms, but it can be time-consuming and spread yourself too thin. It’s best to focus on one or two social platforms to begin with and invest in growing the engagement as much as possible.

Growing a loyal social media following will engage your existing customers and reach out to new ones. To get your current customers on board with your social profiles, make sure you’re letting them know in-store and via your mailing list/newsletter. Getting your existing customers on board is a great way to engage them as effective brand advocates for you! If they already love your brand or service, you can offer them discounts or re-post their content about your business, with their permission of course. In the ‘biz’ we like to refer to this as ‘user generated content’, and it’s basically worth its weight in GOLD!

Using social media is undoubtedly an essential aspect of marketing your business in this day and age. It is important to brand yourself online, be present and visible in the places where your customers are looking and to gain the trust of your target audience. Your next goal is to create a clear pathway for customers to book in or purchase through social media and start converting!

Do you have any questions about our social media marketing tips? Let us know! After all, it’s what we do best.

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