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The Difference

Are you looking for a new business partner? If you want someone who is invested in your business and not simply a task taker, then you’ve landed on the right page.

Digital marketing is so much more than posting on Facebook, setting up some AdWords and bracing yourself for better or for worse. It’s a strategy to grow your business. That’s what makes Red Lips Media different. We want to completely understand your business from a strategic position, understand what makes you tick, and understand your “why?”. The difference is, we care about your business.

Our process is not what you will see anywhere else. We take our clients on a journey of business discovery and become associates, mentors and consultants on every aspect of their business. In essence, we understand that what happens on your digital platforms has ramifications internally and for your business in the market.

The TeamThe Team.

With a mix of marketing, online advertising, copywriting and design expertise, there is no challenge too large for the team at Red Lips Media. Our powerhouse team lives at a cross-section between social mavens and strategic thinkers, culminating in a fusion of ideas. We’re basically a pressure cooker for greatness.


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