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27 Rowe Ave, Rivervale WA 6103, Australia


450 Pizza

Project Overview

450 Pizza embarked on an ambitious journey with Red Lips Media to establish itself as a distinctive culinary destination, offering more than just a hotel restaurant experience. The challenge was to create a brand identity from scratch that reflected fun, authenticity, and the allure of Italian wood-fired pizza, appealing not only to hotel guests but also to a wider audience. The project aimed to craft a vibrant and approachable brand image that would make 450 Pizza a must-try destination.

Scope of Work

The scope of work for 450 Pizza's branding initiative was comprehensive, starting with foundational elements such as the development of a brand identity that included logo design, color schemes, and typography. Red Lips Media began with a deep-dive meeting to capture the essence of what the restaurant aimed to achieve. This was followed by the creation of three mood boards to explore different design directions, allowing for a collaborative refinement process. Feedback from these sessions was used to hone in on a final logo and develop additional branding elements that aligned with the client’s preferences and the insights gained from competitor and market research.

The development of 450 Pizza's brand identity was a highly collaborative effort involving regular communication through Zoom and in-person meetings. This process was crucial for gathering detailed feedback at each stage of the design, ensuring that the final branding resonated with the client's vision. The emphasis was on creating a brand that accurately represented 450 Pizza's unique offering in the competitive food and beverage landscape.

Results and Impact

The launch of 450 Pizza’s new branding was a turning point for the restaurant, signaling its emergence as a recognizable and beloved brand within the market. The client praised the branding for its ability to capture the essence of 450 Pizza’s unique dining experience, which is fun, authentic, and distinctly Italian. The brand's visual elements were so well-received that they inspired the design of the restaurant's interior, including a feature wall that embodies the brand's ethos. Post-launch, 450 Pizza has witnessed remarkable success, characterized by high attendance, a loyal customer base, and a strong, identifiable market presence. This success story highlights the transformative power of effective branding in establishing a restaurant as a standout destination.

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