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Project Overview

C&Co Real Estate, a forward-thinking real estate agency, recognised the need to elevate their digital presence through strategic organic social media presence. Their goals were clear: increase brand awareness, drive engagement, and generate leads. The agency faced challenges such as inconsistent content, a lack of coherent branding, and an undefined social media strategy that left them unsure of what to post, when to post, and how to convey their brand as friendly, local, approachable, yet knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Scope of Work

Red Lips Media crafted a comprehensive social media strategy from the ground up, focusing on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The strategy prioritised a variety of content types, including new listings, educational real estate content, community highlights, staff features, real estate statistics, and suburb profiles. This content aimed to showcase C&Co's brand personality and establish them as an authority in the real estate industry.

To achieve these objectives, Red Lips Media undertook market research and competitor analysis to fully understand C&Co's brand and identify opportunities for differentiation. A content shoot provided visual assets that were then used along with branded templates for each content pillar, ensuring consistency and recognisability across posts. A detailed storyboard for the first month's content was developed, laying the foundation for a dynamic and engaging social media presence.

Collaboration with C&Co Real Estate was facilitated through the project management tool Asana, allowing for a transparent review and approval process of the content calendar. This process ensured that C&Co could easily approve or request changes, maintaining control over their brand voice and messaging. Monthly performance reviews and strategy adjustments were based on comprehensive analysis of social media metrics, allowing for agile responses to engagement patterns and community events.

Results and Impact

The implementation of a targeted organic social media strategy resulted in a significant increase in brand awareness for C&Co Real Estate, solidifying their branding and establishing a distinct brand voice. The agency saw a marked increase in engagement rates and followers across all platforms, indicating a higher level of interaction and interest from the target audience. Importantly, the strategy succeeded in generating leads: both buyers and sellers, demonstrating the effectiveness of a well-planned and executed organic social media campaign.

Notably, the success was driven by a deep understanding of C&Co's brand identity and the needs of their community, resulting in content that resonated with and engaged their audience. The use of branded templates and a strategic content mix, combined with agile management and a collaborative approach, cemented C&Co Real Estate's position as a trustworthy and approachable authority in the real estate market. Red Lips Media continues to manage C&Co Real Estate's monthly organic social media, maintaining a trajectory of success and ongoing positive results.

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