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Foli Sim

Project Overview:

For Foli Sim, a renowned family-owned Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) specialist, the challenge was to elevate awareness about this transformative solution for hair loss and thinning. With locations in Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney, Foli Sim sought to connect with individuals dealing with male or female pattern baldness, alopecia, thinning hair, or scalp scarring. Our primary objective was to demystify SMP, also known as hair tattooing, through compelling visual content and targeted advertising. The goal was to convey the life-changing potential of Scalp Micropigmentation and instill confidence in those seeking effective solutions for hair-related concerns.

Scope of Work:

Red Lips Media undertook a comprehensive project for Foli Sim, focusing on the creation and dissemination of impactful advertising content. Our team collaborated closely with Foli Sim's skilled artists to craft engaging videos and advertising copy that resonated with the target audience. Addressing concerns related to hair loss, we developed a narrative that spoke directly to the emotions and aspirations of individuals seeking a natural and effective solution. The advertising campaign was strategically deployed on Meta platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, ensuring widespread visibility across Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney. The scope included meticulous content creation, audience targeting, and campaign management to successfully drive awareness and engagement for Foli Sim's transformative Scalp Micropigmentation services.


Our collaboration with Foli Sim aimed at spotlighting Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), a unique solution for hair loss. The crux was building awareness and comprehension, particularly since SMP isn't a typical consumer product. Crafting engaging videos became pivotal; beyond mere views, we optimized for understanding.

For video views, the emphasis wasn't just on numbers but on quality. We targeted individuals who watched 30-100% of the video, ensuring a deeper understanding of SMP. This allowed us to retarget an audience that comprehended the intricacies of the service.

On the landing page front, our campaigns achieved tremendous success, garnering thousands of views. This influx of traffic showcased a growing interest in learning more about SMP. The website, designed as an educational hub, received substantial attention.

Most significantly, the campaign translated curiosity into action. The hundreds of contact form submissions on the website (throughout several campaigns) indicated not just passive interest but a genuine desire for connection and information. Our strategy effectively transformed audience awareness into meaningful engagement, establishing Foli Sim as a go-to for Scalp Micropigmentation.

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