Amé Bel

Web Design, Branding, Logo


Created by two families working together since the 1980s, Amé Bel was opened in 2007. The boutique fashion store is located in the heart of Fremantle and has been well established in the community as a retailer of high-end European fashion brands and styles.

What we've done

1. E-Commerce Website Development

2. Branding

3. Logo Design

We've got work to do

Amé Bel approached RLM in 2021 seeking assistance with a website revamp, which in turn lead to a simple brand refresh. As a retailer involved in both brick and mortar and online services, the business sought to simplify its virtual shopping experience throughout its platform. Showcasing bespoke European pieces, the site needed to present its wares in an uncomplicated way for potential consumers to enjoy all the detail and craft meticulously included in all merchandise.

Whilst revitalising the website was a priority, bringing along an update of the primary logo and branding within this refresh was also touched upon to bring through higher brand awareness. As their old brandmark was an antiquated calligraphic script, rejuvenating the brand was as simple as choosing a font that reflects their values in a modern era. The chosen font Sage is a modern serif typeface with lots of style - a high contrast version of a famous Didot look that has been synonymous with fashion for decades. Bringing these values throughout their visual outlook has guided the brand into a new era of modern fashion, heightening brand awareness and relaying a more contemporary design.

The website refresh consisted of providing a user-friendly retail experience through an intuitive layout, along with creating and updating former brand assets, such as colours, typefaces and icons. The stages of website mapping included applying hierarchy and balance principles to each element of the page to create visual interest as well as provide a clear field of view for customers to browse the merchandise. Creating quick access to certain categories, menus and styles was a high priority in terms of wayfinding for users, so implementing clear visual paths and abilities to refine searches was included to enhance the retail experience.

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