Social Media Management, Digital Advertising


LITT is a social media and rewards app that aims to connect like-minded people, businesses and other key stakeholders in local communities. The app features elements of social media, e-commerce, digital payments and augmented reality advertising. Being a cash-back app, LITT partners with local businesses to create deals for users who can earn and use digital cash through the app, and spend this cash online or with a physical LITT Visa Card.

What we've done

1. Email Marketing

2. Organic Social Media Management

3. Paid Social Media Management

4. Content Creation

We've got work to do

Email Marketing – Updating LITT members with weekly and monthly newsletters showcasing exclusive app promotions, campaign announcements and highlighting app feature updates. LITT Businesses are also communicated to through email marketing to deliver information and advertising offers. 

Strategic Social Media Marketing – Overlooking all social media platforms including the LITT App internal social feed by creating a cohesive branding theme and tone of voice reaching out to their 15K followers.

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